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Hello there! Thanks for coming to take a look at my site.  I’m Dawn Kawahara, founder of Inspired MountainGirl.  This is a small business of mine that began with photography and is currently expanding into other creative ventures.  

Photography is one of my main artistic expressions, but I also enjoy painting, writing, crocheting, and creating other beautiful items with vinyl, resins, wood and other media.  Inspired MountainGirl is a constantly evolving entity and I am enjoying it every step of the way!

Inspired MountainGirl is a St. Albert, Alberta small business.  Dawn (or Donna) has been living in St. Albert since 2007.  She is the Vice President of the St. Albert Photography Club, Co-Chair of St. Albert Cultivates the Arts, and most recently, a member of the St. Albert Public Library Board.  Giving back to the community is an important part of my life, and as such, a portion of the profits made through Inspired MountainGirl are donated to community charities.