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Personal Project


A Personal Project to join my love of photography with my love for yarn and crochet/knitting


What is A Personal Project?

My Personal Project is an ongoing project that I would expect to take one, maybe two years.  With my Personal Project, I am looking to marry the love of crocheting and yarn arts with my photography as an expression of art.  The idea behind my this is to detail not just the created pieces, but also the works in progress and the hands that are creating them.  The current thought is to keep the images in black and white to create a more timeless series of images.

Personal Projects are undertaken to give purpose to the photography, and to strengthen the skills and creative work during the project.  It is often used to stretch the imagination and take the photographer into less comfortable areas to keep refreshing the photographer’s view.

I invite you to check back in and see the progress that I make throughout the coming months.


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