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I’m glad you’re here!

Thank you for your patience as I continue to rebuild the website.  If there is anything you need that does not have information available for yet, please contact me and I will return your message.



Photography is my primary form of art.  I enjoy many forms of photography, including pet and family portraits, photography for business (website content, etc), and fine art photography including nature and landscape photography.  Teaching photography courses is also something I enjoy doing, and have provided courses for St. Albert Cultivates the Arts Society during Culture Days in St. Albert for several years now.

My Personal Project

My personal project marries together my love for photography and my love for yarn crafts.  Over the next year or two (perhaps longer), I will be creating images of yarn projects that will be worked together to create a project that can be presented as a whole.  I am excited to begin this process and look forward to seeing how it will unfold.


In addition to photography, I enjoy creating wearables and other projects that are available for sale.  I have toques with and without faux fur pompoms, custom tote bags, shirts, aprons and other items to come.